Twilight's Eve ORPG Final THX NOMAX

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Twilight's Eve ORPG Final THX NOMAX

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:22 pm

Twilight's Eve ORPG Final

--Fixed bugs--
- You can no longer abuse the buff stacking bug (i.e. Mana bug, attack speed bug, etc.).
- Bosses now cast spells in every dungeon. They stopped going on strike and got back to work!
- Fireball and Ice Maze secret path bugs in Dragon fortress have been resolved.
- Fixed some skills' tooltip like Gloria in Excelsis Deo and Ultimate Mutation.
- 36 Strikes of the Heavenly Dragon is now working properly.
- You can no longer abuse bosses from a long distance.
- Third Job Advancement quest now properly disappears from your Quest Log once completed.
- Imp2 mobs now spawn properly everytime you enter the dungeon.

--New Features--
- Resetted all the save/load codes. (Yes I'm mean)

- New Dungeon added. Impossible 4: The Marine Fortress. Features ship ideas from Green_Day_Dance. The entrance location is a secret. Only some testers know about it. They all said, "it truly is impossible at this point." Can you beat the Impossible?

- New items added. They drop from Imp4 and features 3 new godly items which will answer many of your balancing questions, and an extra 5 legendary items. What are they? Well, fill up your party and beat the Impossible to find out!

While I disapprove of these 2 new features completely, I have no wish to edit it nor remove it because it is necessary to add in the new godly items to "maintain" balancing among all classes. If v1.15 ever gets released (I'm not saying it will), don't expect it to have this dungeon or the new items. Also just for your information, these features are NOT part of TEvE lore in ANY way. -GDD

--Extra privileges for Beta Testers--
- If you are one of the testers and want to play the game, please PM me and I will give out 1 item besides a Godly Item out for you as a privilege. You probably know where to find me.

If you have any questions about the map or bugs, please send me a pm and don't flood the thread. Thank you.


Instructions on downloading the map:
Please remove the previous version to avoid wrong item code.
To avoid a different name on the map, after you download the file please change it to:
Twilight's Eve ORPG Final.w3x

Download at ?7p9cc9gnzdnwqzw


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