Classes and their userfulness.

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Classes and their userfulness.

Post  Evilif on Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:55 am

Don't know if I'm posting in the right place but there it goes.

I'm playing with a bunch of friends (3-6 atm).
We have NO godly items besides the ones in the shop.

One of our friends made a Runemaster, I made a Phantom Assassin, other has made a Prophetess.
We are the core, we are usually always online (4-12 hours per day).

I realised they were way more userful than me.

I mean, Runemaster's crits were doing around 74k while he was tanking and he also had evasion.
Prophetess could make everyone immune to physical stuff.

My char was doing 54k crits, was dying on a single Arthas skill when not using 2 Evos (6500 hp each).

I obviously rerolled. Tried a White Wizard. Could see no meaningful damage either (besides it's ultimate), and I see no point on stacking int besides mana regen, so ended up with a tanky wizard (derp).
Meanwhile the Runemaster rolled a Dark Arch Templar. Now he had one of the best dps characters.

We already have a healer and a tank besides the Runemaster, so he will stay as Dark Arch Templar I believe.

My questions are:
Which are the top 3 DPS classes of the game?
Which are the best classes for dueling?
Is a Phantom Assassin userful in godly items?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Classes and their userfulness.

Post  Rihmakala on Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:21 am

Sorry for so late respond, but these forums are pretty much dead.

Twilight's Eve is really unbalanced game. Majority on the classes become completely useless inside Impossible dungeons. So here's a list of all useful classes:

Best classes:
1. White Wizard & Archsage: With godly items their mana shield become the best tanking classes in the game. They also deal fair damage if you happen to have Raising Heart.
2. Grand Templar: The best DPS class in the game. Fate will give you unlimited mana and some extra DPS. GT can also stun for a total of 24 seconds, which is really overpowered. The lighting spell deals 25k DPS, a total of 250k over 10 seconds. This is what makes GT so awesome. GT's only weakness is the low health and armor, so make sure to get Guardian Angel or Angel Sanctuary and then some HP. Only 1 Fate is required, and even it can be replaced by mana potions.
3. Prophetess: Best healer in the game. Gloria gives 12 second immunity to physical damage, and she also has 2 spam-able healing spells. With enough mana regen and mana potions she can constantly keep healing her team. She has absolutely no damage whatsoever.

Decent classes:
1. Avenger: Tanky class who punishes melee bosses that attack him. Not even close as tanky as Initiate class, so thats why no one plays him. His only good skills are the armor aura and Sacrifice, which deals massive damage on some imp bosses (for example it deals over a million true damage on Fusion Dragon). Useless Godly item Sad
2. Hiero: Good secondary healer. The shield is pretty decent, and the revive is good for reviving noobs who die ^^. Too bad all his other buffs are useless. He also has only 1 healing spell, so he cant really keep everyone alive like Proph.
3. Summoner: His DPS is slightly lower than Initiate class, and he doesnt have mana shield so he's really vulnerable. His ulti is pretty good, since can be casted so fast and deals 90k pure damage. But you do need a good tank and Reinforce to be useful. He can restore mana, so that's pretty good for healers and stuff.
4. Runemaster: No DPS, but he has high armor and HP so he can tank a bit. With Reinforce he will do a bit damage, but not enough to be useful.

Bad Classes:
Sadly, all other classes drops into this category. I'll give a short comment for every class.
Champion: No damage, too low HP and armor to be tank. Bad ultimate.
Dark ArchTemplar: Low damage, low HP and armor. Bad ultimate. Fate will give him some DPS tho, but it's hardly noticeable. The pushback from Fate is pretty good at some situations.
Grand Inquisitor: No damage, low HP and armor. Silence is the only slightly useful skill. Useless godly item.
Witcher: Don't ever pick this class. Never. No damage, no HP or armor and.. He's just bad. DONT pick him.
Monster Hunter: Awful damage, low hp and armor and completely useless skills. Worst class in the game imo.
Sniper: Low damage, low HP. She will kill a large number of creeps in a short time, but will do absolutely no damage on imp bosses.
Phantom Assassin: No damage. High armor and has evasion, so he can tank a bit. Bad ultimate and godly item.
Master Stalker: No damage, but like PA he can tank a bit. With mana build and someone who can tank for you, you can keep backstabbing and do some decent damage. You have to be behind the boss tho.

So that's it. Most of the classes are horrible, but maybe you can find some builds that make bad classes useful, like i did for Master Stalker.
And obviously the best PvP classes are the top 3.


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