Twilight's Eve ORPG Guide (Work in progress)

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Twilight's Eve ORPG Guide (Work in progress)

Post  Rigard on Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:15 pm


Hello guys and welcome to the most interesting ORPG map Twilight's Eve Final. Here you can rise up in powers as one of the heroes helping others, fishing, making new friends and finally overcome all of the evil forces and bring the peace to this land. In order to get a fully overpowered hero you will need about 24 hours of real time.

As for me, my name is Rigard and i've been hosting this map for quite some time on I've enjoyed it a lot and been highly inspired to make an overall guide for a newcomers. So, as you can already guessed, today my job is to guide you through this magnificent world.

Getting started

At first you will find yourself near the castle where you need to select whether you prefer to be a female or a male.

(Note: Don't be quick with it 'cause this will further determine which class you'll evolve)

Graz! You've done your first step, but there'll be many more of them, so be patient.

Every step of evolution in this map got its own evolutionary level, so you should rich it first (before going further). And the most efficient way to level in this map is through questing.

In the starting city you'll find a quest giver "Skypper", he stands near cathedral. He's got a bunch of low level quests for you.

(Note: Quests are mostly repeatable)

You'll need only 2 of them right now.


The basic concept of TE Final is that you class keeps evolving as you lvling.

There're 4 stages or so called "professions" wich got every single class in here.




06.03.14 - Started the Guide


Infernal - russian Guide
Clan TEH and Gorman - Tons of information
Rilune - Dungeon Loot Table

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