WC3 cannot find the file?

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WC3 cannot find the file?

Post  hni19 on Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:00 pm

So I decided to start playing Twilight after a long time. I say "Theres the final version out, might as well try it out"

I download the latest version, revision 2, and save it under Warcraft III\Maps\Download\Twilight ORPG.
The name of the file is Twilight's Eve ORPG Final r2.w3x
This is fine and all.

Now, when i go into WC3 (Frozen Throne) and try making a room in LAN mode (I usually play offline with my friends),
I cannot see the file!
I double check if i actually copied it into the proper place, yes, i did. But for some reason, WC3 cannot read/see the file.
I update my WC3 version (having not played WC3 for a long time) to version 1.26, which i believe is the latest.
Still no luck.

Any ideas why WC3 cannot see the file?


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Re: WC3 cannot find the file?

Post  FrozenDevil on Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:40 pm

save it in Warcraft III\Maps\Download\ not in ...Download\Twilight ORPG if the Twilight ORPG is a map. If not i dont know.


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