How to kill my 3rd job thing as Hunter?

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How to kill my 3rd job thing as Hunter?

Post  BurnTheNiceGuy on Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:18 am

See, I've been a TEVE player before and I managed to get powerleveled up to 99 hunter.
I was gonna make a sniper for the lulz (and farm via multishot ofc:D), but that feels rather moot since I don't know how to kill that Lich guy.
has anything changed or am i still unable to solo the dungeon in question?(the maze one)

ps: i'd love to play with you guys! =)
it''s hard to find people for imp1/2/3/4, and I might become active @ teve again.

My skype is Jesperthaharder for anyone wanting it, and i don't have yahoo msn

Is BGN a part of you guys btw?


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I know i am litl late but...

Post  DovlaTheVenomancer on Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:56 pm

You can not do it solo you must get help.You need someone to kill everything and let you last hit lich.I created 2 garena profile and have beaten lich with 2 archers 99 lvl gl man and id like to play with you call me hf


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