Rite of passage help

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Rite of passage help

Post  Ajcoolla on Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:14 am

Hello, I've recently started playing Twilight's eve ORPG final and I've chosen Swordsman as the class. At this moment I'm at the job 3 lvl190 Imperial Knight. Now when I tried to cross the rite of passage I've encountered a problem. There is no way to fight the incoming wave of creeps since all my spells are based for single target and I just get stuck and surrounded by infinite numbers of enemy mobs. Same happens when I try to outrun them and dodge their wave. I've died 20 times in a row so far with different techniques (running, dodging, fighting, using potions) and nothing worked, Can anyone suggest what should I do and how can I complete this.


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