Item Loot Table

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Item Loot Table

Post  Honsyu on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:19 pm

Can anyone copy from old forum or write new Item Loot Table with items from Imp4 (if you pass this)?
I forget items from many dungeons.

EDIT: I search for this in Googlecache but can't found anything.

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Re: Item Loot Table

Post  normax on Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:54 pm

Since I'm no longer updating the game, I will release the item loot table for imp 4 (I don't remember or bother writing about other dungeon's loot)

Dungeon: Marine Fortress
Level: Impossible

Sun Orb - Legendary - All classes
Description: The orb which retain the power of the sun to grant the vitality for the wielder. Grants +30000 hit points.

Moon Orb - Legendary - All classes
Description: The orb which retain the power of the moon to grant the magic for the wielder. Grants +30000 mana.

Templar Plate - Legendary - Swordsman, Thief, Witch Hunter class only
Description: This armor is forged for Templars in the Crusade War which is said to have power to suppress magic and it also is the core to determine the war's fate. Grants +600 Strength, +600 Agility, +1000 damage, and +500 armor.

Ritual Dagger - Legendary - Thief class only
Description: This dagger is made during the dark age for the Ritual. Its weight is feather-like to struck down the sacrifice. This dagger is said to be lost at the end of dark age. Grants +2500 damage, +1000 agility, and 10% evasion.

Demonic Aggression - Legendary - All classes
Description: During the dark age, dark dwarves forged many equipments to grant the power of destruction, this boots is one of the finest piece they created. Grants 80 movement speed, 1000 damage, 50% attack speed, and the ability to teleport to any targetted Inn. Movement speed does not stack. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Hope - Godly - Acolyte class only
Description: Long forgotten Ancient book which is said to grant the wielder the power to guide the light and purify the dark and to bring hope to humanity. Grants 200 mana regeneration, +5000 Intelligence, 30% chance to cast Remplir, heal all allies unit within 600 radius of 30% of their hp on spell, and 10% chance to cast ArrĂȘter Le Temps, make all allies become invulnerable for 5 seconds. ArrĂȘter Le Temps does not stack.

Whirlwind - Godly - Swordsman class only
Description: The sword forged by the last Dwarf Blacksmith which is said to give the wielder a power of ultimate destruction. Grants +7500 damage, 150% attack speed, 20% chance to strike Szelet, a blow that deals 3 x Strength damage, and Vigilance, grant the wielder 10000 damage 500 armor and Spell immunity for a brief period of time.

Inspirit - Godly - All classes
Description: Grant +1000 all stats, 30% spell reduction, Break down, reduce the nearby enemies's armor by 50, and Overvelde, on each attack, you gain 1 charge. When you have 10 charges, it will release tremendous power dealing Constant x Main attribute damage, where constant for Strength is 2, Agility is 2, Intelligence is 0.4. Charges will disappear in 10 seconds after you gain first charge. Note that most spells also count as attack. Break down does not stack.


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Re: Item Loot Table

Post  Rilune on Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:30 pm

I've mostly finished a rough loot table, but I have two problems. I don't have anything higher than H2, and two of the items I do have, their descriptions are too long to read fully. (I couldn't pick them up to read, either) Icecrown's Visage and Megaton Blades. Would be nice to get a definite answer on these two, instead of guessing. Also, If I post this table on the forums, where should I put it?


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Re: Item Loot Table

Post  Xx-[DEMONS]-xX on Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:50 pm

the quest guide area. -.- this forum is incomplete and inconvenient.


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