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TE Guide (Clan TEH)

Post  Gorman on Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:50 pm

This guide was written for Clan TEH from US east back in 2009 (or was it 08? when did TE come out?)

It covers a lot of ground, from character selection to basic dungeoning, quest guides, monster guides, character guides, job locations, crit and armour mechanics, item selection, etc

I'll copy paste out some of the more important stuff.
Here is the full original guide: sites.google com/site/gormantech/teguide (can't post the link myself, so you will have to add the dots yourself Wink
If you're interested in Clan TEH's history then I'll write a little but at the end.

[size=200]Guide to Character Selection[/size]
Twilight's Eve contains 16 unique characters, each with their own special role to play. When choosing which character to select it is very important to consider whether or not they

will actually fulfill the role that you intend them to fill.

  • Gateway Characters
    These characters awesome at making money and getting items. Not all of these guys are useful in the Impossible dungeon (imps), however all of them can go through hell and get

    some nice items for other characters you want to create. (refered to by their 3rd job names)
    - Phantom Assassin
    - Dark Arch Templar
    - Arch Sage
    - Sniper
    - Monster Hunter
    - Profesional Witcher

  • Imps Characters
    These guys are the powerhouses of the game, the guys that can go into imps and come out with some epic gear. Forget all the melee DPS classes, they are worthless, forget mages, they generally die fast and cant sustain damage. Don't expect to be invited/allowed into an imps raid with anything else!
    - Avenger (tank, usually 1 per group)
    - Prophetess (proffered healer, usually 1 or 2 per group)
    - Heirophant (buffs the primary dps (Monster Hunters), and resurrecting dead heros)
    - Sniper (crowd control in the early part of imps)
    - Monster Hunter (heavy DPS)
    - Grand Inquisitor (for giving more very nice damage auras to the Snipers, usually 1 per group)

    As of 1.13 things have changed with the removal of thorns aura on the two imp bosses. This means that melee dps is viable, however still not preferred. The following classes are now ok to take into imps, but still not part of the optimum imps group. (in order from best -> worst)

    - Phantom Assassin
    - Dark ArchTemplar
    - Runemaster
    - Champion

  • Character overview
  • Rounded: has a nice balance of tanking and dps abilities.
  • DPS: DPS literally means 'Damage Per Second', however in this context it is a character who can constantly dish out damage.
  • Nuker: heavy damage, often over a large area, but not constant.
  • Tank: A unit designed to take damage well.
  • Healer: A unit designed to heal other characters.
  • Buffer: Makes other nearby characters stronger.
  • Crowd Control: Able to kill many units quickly, like a multi-target DPS.
    White Wizard - Nuker
    ArchSage - Nuker
    Prophetess - Healer
    Hierophant - Healer
    Sniper - DPS, Crowd Control
    Monster Hunter - DPS, Buffer
    Champion - Rounded, DPS
    Avenger - Tank
    Phantom Assassin - DPS
    Master Stalker - Single target Nuker
    Summoner - Nuker, Healer
    Runemaster - DPS
    Grand Templar - Nuker, DPS (Correct me if I'm wrong, got this info from a dodgey source)
    Dark ArchTemplar - DPS
    Professional Witcher - Crowd Control
    Grand Inquisitor - Buffer
So, hopefully next time you go to create a new character, you will consider this, and won't make a Master Stalker expecting that people will be begging to have you in their imps group!

[size=200]4th Job Locations Map[/size]

(click to see only the locations, without the minimap in the background)

  • Wizard - Arthus the Seeker: Next to a fountain of mana near Twilight Mountain, once you get onto the mountain head as far south as you can, walk towards the hole in

    the cliff and you will be teleported to a nearby ogre infest area. Then head north west into the forest then head south west to Arthus. Go at night, there is no need to kill anything to get there.
  • Sage - Eve: Head to the second town (Espina Town), from there head north west, then north east, then north west and you will find a cliff cave. Enter the cave then head north west and then north east. Eve is behind a grove of trees that you can work through.
  • Priest - The Ancient One: You will have to be the Right of Passage to visit the Ancient One; head to the top of Mount Twilight and talk to the Angle Dawn. From there you will be teleported onto a large bridge and be told to head north. Stick to the left side of the bridge and you can simple run past all the mobs. Once in the Unknown Regions head south a small amount and you will see a portal, move lose to it and right click it to teleport to a new region. Head east, sticking as close to the north as possible. Beware, there are many Enraged Spirits in this area, and also a Tyrant (Tyrants do not sleep, so dont think you can sneak past!). Most high level chracters can easily clear the area for you.
  • Matriarch - The Ancient One: See The Ancient One (Priest trainer).
  • Marksmen - Luna: Luna is very easy to locate, simply head west from the third city (City of New Lights) until you hit the wall of trees marking the edge of the area, then head north into a small encampment, and she will be standing there completely unhidden.
  • Tracker - Monster Master Delia: Head to the second town (Espina Town), then head out the east entrance. Follow the woods north east then back around northwest until you are almost directly above the east entrance to Espina Town. Now head north past the bandit tents, Delia is hidden behind some trees at the top. IMPORTANT in a recent TE version Delia has been moved, she is now further east and a bit south in the woods behind a bandit camp.
  • Imperial Knight - Rain: Rain is standing right next to the Eve (Sage trainer), read her location!
  • Crusader - Siegfried the Avenger: Siegfried is in the second town (Espina Town) and walk to the south, towards the Free Market. You will see some torches and an archery target to the south east of you, walk behind it and you will see the cheeky Siegfried hiding behind the trees!
  • Assassin - Raven: Despite his sneaky abilities Raven has a pathetic hiding spot. Visit the Dark woods and move to the middle east. Move further east, behind a banshee and a goul, and you will see Raven hiding behind some trees!
  • Stalker - Nazgul the Fallen: From the second town (Espina town) walk out the north entrance then head east, keep heading east until you are behind the gold mine, you should see him lurking in the south east behind some trees!
  • Shaman - Horazon: Head to Luna (Marksman trainer), then once you are inside her camp head north west, you will see Horazon hiding behind some trees!
  • Shapeshifter - Fenrir: Head to the second town (Espina Town), from there head north west, then north east, then north west and you will find a cliff cave. Enter the cave then head north, straight up to the raised ground, Fenrir is hiding behind some trees on the raised area.
  • High Templar - Freya: From the third city (City of New Lights) head west into the snap dragon pool, then head north east into the lizardmen area. However, just after you enter the lizardmen area head north west, walking through a group of red mushroom trees. From there head almost north past the two burning houses and the ruined fountain. Freya is standing behind the top row of trees.
  • Dark Templar - Dark ArchTemplar Vanessa: Walk to Freya (High Templar trainer), then head east, Vanessa is hiding in a short secret passage that takes her partially into the lizardmen area.
  • Witcher - Morden Tor: Morden stands next to his good friend Horazon (Shaman trainer), see Horazon's location.
  • Inquisitor - Count Crowley the Grand Inquisitor: Count Crowley has possibly the worst hiding spot ever! Go to the third city (City of New Lights) then walk into the Cathedral (as you did when you achieved job 3), talk to him (as you did when you achieved job 3). Yeah, I told you it was a bad hiding spot!

[size=200]4th job priest/matriach quest objectives locations[/size]

The names dont really matter, but if your interested...
From left to right they are; the holy fountain, the statue of peace, the altar of melitele and the shrine of the highfather

[size=200]Random bits that don't belong anywhere![/size]
How to run Right of Passage: Stay left (i mean really as left as you can), you can run past the mobs, keep moving, you dont want to get swamped, take potions, you dont have to stop moving to use them.

About armor: each point of armor effectively increases your hit points by 6%. The 'Damage Reduction' may look confusing, as it increases by less and less with each point, however if you just remember the 6% per point rule, then its way easier to remember.

25 armor = 150% hp
50 armor = 300% hp
100 armor = 600% hp
200 armor = 1200% hp

Atma's Defense gives 40 armor = 240% hp
Spirit Shroud gives 70 armor = 420% hp
Black Hades gives 520 armor = 3120%
Hence, 5 BH gives 15600% hp.

Blizzard on the subject:
Damage Reduction or Increases for Armor
For positive Armor, damage reduction =((armor)*0.06)/(1+0.06*(armor))
For negative Armor, it is damage increase = 2-0.94^(-armor) since you take more damage for negative armor scores.

Consult this chart* for more information. A Positive Armor of 1 reduces damage by about 5.7%. A negative armor of 10 increases damage by 46.1%. Although the formula for armor may look intimidating, it actually works out to mean that one point of armor means +6% HP. So a unit with 20 armor basically has 120% extra hitpoints -- 100 would become effectively 220.

NOTE TE now does not use standard armour calculation. To me it looks like around 2% rather than 6%, but needs more calculations to be sure.

About critical strikes: Although it may appear that you can strike multi crits at once, you cant, its a graphical error. Here is what Singularity from Enfomt.com has to say on the subject;
One crit source should be self-explanatory, so let me skip to a sai with see the wind and 6 cleavers.

Every shot, the crit chance is calculated for *each crit source.* This means that in this example, every time our Sai fires, she has 7 chances to land a crit.

However, only the *last* crit source that scores a crit actually counts. This is why we have suggested that the troll/sai re-learn their skills after getting a cleaver.

However, Lets say our Sai did not know this, and did NOT re-learn skills, meaning see the wind is calculated first.

Therefore she has these crits sources:

See the wind: 19% chance for 21 times damage
Cleaver: 50% chance for 2 times damage (but there are 6 of them)

She fires her bow and hit. The following crit calculations take place, in this order:

See the wind. Cleaver. Cleaver. Cleaver. Cleaver. Cleaver. Cleaver.

However, only THE LAST ONE COUNTS. This means that if her See the Wind crit "lands" she would need to fail all 6 of the cleaver crit chances in order to do 21 times damage. For those who don't want to do this themselves, the chance of that is 1 in 64, or about 1.6% of the time your see the wind crits. This means that odds of any shot scoring 21 times damage is approximately 1 to 337, or a .297% chance. However, the odds of scoring a 2 times critical hit are 100 in 101, or a 98.7% chance.

However, if you were to get 6 cleavers then re-learn see the wind, you would maintain the 19% chance to do 21 times damage, while keeping the 98.7% chance of dealing double damage. And yes, the visual crit display will be freaking out at this point and will be incorrect about 95% of the time because the visual display shows every crit, and shows that later crits stack with earlier crits.
NOTE: The actual numbers dont matter, just know that Sai is a hero with the skill See the Wind, and Cleavers are an item with critical strike.

How to stop Doomsday from stunning the shit out of my imps party
This is very simple, just get your tank into combat, then have your monster hunter net doomsday. Now, so long as your tank remains in combat doomsday will not stun. There you have it![b]

So, I said before I'd tell you a bit about Clan TEH - Twilight's Eve Hunters
Clan TEH was established by Cheiften Kureiton just after TE was released. As far as I know, we were the first clan to be formed around organised playing of TE. At the peek we had over 600 members split in to TEH1, TEH2, TEH3, etc. We had daily and weekly organised Imps raids (back in those days Imps was the highest dungeon, so it was really awesome to be able to run it with a team). At that time Clan TEH was a powerful bot hosting clan, we were running 6 bots hosting TEH alone - and they filled up instantly - basically if Clan TEH didn't exist to support TE, then no one would be hosting TE, and TE would never have grown. Back then we were pretty happy, our core group of maybe 100 players all had their level 270s with tons of imps gear, it had become pretty common to have level 200+ novices.

However it wasn't long before we had a run in with the infamous GreeN_DaY_DaNcE...
Back then he would always boast that he had never lost a duel, but after some discussions between him and us, we came to the conclusion that Clan TEH knew his map better than he did. This guide was originally posted on the first TE forums, but was deleted by him because apparently he knows better and just doesn't want to share. We also noted that he didn't care at all for balance...

Events came to a conclusion when eventually I challenged him to a duel using a Runemaster (back then considered to be one of the worst classes) against his Dark Arch Templar (which he himself says is the strongest class). I won the duel, so he banned me from the game, and posted a cute flame post in the original hall of shame.

Clan TEH was disbanded because we didn't want to associate with him, and was reformed under a number of names, and it's current ancestor is Fatal Anarchy.

Anyway good times, had a lot of fun playing TE. I remember my first Witch Hunter and Sniper, all the way to my first time soloing Tristram completely when it first came out, and laughing that Imps2 is easier than Imps1. I know there's not a lot of TE players around any more, but hey, if you ever pick it up again, at least you won't be frustrated by not knowing where your trainer is!


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Re: TE Guide (Clan TEH)

Post  Jaerid on Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:34 am

Razz bounce Hey i would like to play with you , i'm new though so don't expect me to load with nice items .Where you do play twilight's eve orpg on garena or what ? I play on garena in the singapore tower defence rooms , my name in garena is whiteshot579 . cheers Nice guide btw lol! .


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